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Fallen Officers-QLD

The Honour Roll commemorates those members of the Queensland Police who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the execution of their duty.


Constable Abraham WOOD
Bitten by a snake whilst on Gold Escort duty.
Cardwell 28 August 1872
Constable Nathaniel ROBERTS
Want of water whilst lost in the bush.
Windorah 5 January 1884
Constable James McMULLEN
Drowned. Unknown circumstances.
Maytown 7 September 1884
Constable John STEWART
Kicked in the abdomen by a horse.
Mossman River 5 October 1885
Senior Constable William CONSIDINE
Injuries sustained from a horse riding accident.
Arrilalah 18 February 1887
Constable Thomas J. CALLAGHAN
Became lost in the bush without water supplies or bush skills.

Windorah 2 December 1888
Constable William ARUNDELL
Kicked or thrown from a horse.

Watsonville 21 February 1890
Constable Patrick J. CURTIN
Killed in a horse riding accident.

Brisbane 10 July 1891
Constable William J. DOYLE
Peritonitis as the result of an on duty accident.

Muttaburra 19 December 1891
Constable Thomas M. BLACK
Drowned while moving horses across a river.

Charleville 24 January 1895
Constable William G. CLARKE
Accidentally shot by the discharge of his own weapon.

Hughenden 12 October 1895
Constable Arthur LOWE
Fell from his horse.

Oxley 20 October 1896
Constable James QUINN
Drowned in flood waters.

Clermont 31 January 1896
Constable Richard ROOTS
Caught in a mine tunnel collapse at Coen.

Coen 25 September 1897
Constable Patrick CAHILL
Drowned in flood waters while trying to cross on horseback.

Longreach 11 February 1898
Constable John CULLEN
Riding accident.

Southport 4 August 1901
Constable Robert ORME
Riding accident.

Clermont 24 December 1905
Constable James MURTAGH
Drowned whilst attempting to rescue a horse.

Roma Street 14 March 1908
Constable Patrick RYAN
Drowned while returning from escort duty.

Cooktown 23 March 1908
Constable Frederick HOGE
Train accident while returning to his home station.

Clermont 15 June 1908
Sub-Inspector Michael BRODERICK
Injuries received from a riding accident.

Charleville 9 May 1909
Constable William J. MERCER
Riding accident.

Cloncurry 1 June 1910
Constable Patrick J. MCCABE
Riding accident.

Mt Garnet 8 October 1913
Constable William MURRAY
Died while lost on patrol between Dungmabulla and Laglan Stations near Aramac.

Clermont 20 November 1913
Constable William QUINLAN
Riding accident.

Brandon 11 June 1914
Constable Stephen TIERNEY
Bicycle accident.

Mellor Street, Gympie 17 December 1914
Constable William J. HARRIS
Riding accident.

Rockhampton 24 August 1915
Constable Thomas GRIFFIN
Riding accident.

Edmonton 11 November 1921
Acting Sergeant William O'ROURKE
Injuries received in an accident.

Mossman 5 June 1924
Constable Robert S.R ALEXANDER
Riding accident while on patrol.

Eidsvold 21 May 1926
Constable Arthur J. CRUST
Traffic accident.

Brisbane Traffic Office 26 November 1930
Constable Ernest J. DAWSON
Injuries received in a traffic accident.

Roma Street 18 January 1931
Constable Joseph HERBERT
Traffic accident.

Yungaburra 17 September 1931
Constable Robert KYLE
Injuries sustained from an attack on his person.

Bowen 8 April 1933
Constable George R. YOUNG
Plane crash.

Brisbane Water Police 28 November 1938
Constable Douglas NICOL
Injuries received in a riding accident.

Ipswich 10 February 1947
Sergeant Arthur NEDEN
Collapsed at a police incident.

Redbank 14 July 1947
Constable Harold F. BIDNER
Traffic accident.

Redcliffe 1 December 1951
Constable James R. WARD
Collapsed and died on his way to work.

Woolloongabba 3 August 1952
Constable Michael J. HOWARD
Traffic accident.

Kilcoy 9 September 1953
Constable Kevin S. MASON
Traffic accident.

Toowong 9 May 1956
Senior Constable Douglas GREGORY
Injuries received in a traffic accident.

Dayboro 25 October 1956
Constable Brian G. GABRIEL
Traffic accident.

Cairns 24 November 1956
Constable Leslie SMITH
Traffic accident.

Fortitude Valley 6 December 1957
Constable Archibald R. MUIR
Traffic accident.

Innisfail 9 September 1958
Constable James REID
Traffic accident.

Woolloongabba 6 April 1966
Senior Constable Colin M. WILSON
Traffic accident.

Duchess 15 September 1966
Senior Sergeant James O'HARA
Heart problems and injury.

Woolloongabba 27 May 1967
Constable Les G. MCCOSH
Traffic accident.

Brisbane Traffic Branch 1 May 1968
Sergeant Stanley C. CUPPLES
Traffic accident.

Dimbulah 8 July 1968
Senior Constable Douglas R. NEY
Traffic accident.

Toowoomba CIB 15 August 1968
Constable Noel A. STEELE
Traffic accident.

Booval 23 April 1969
Constable Allan R. CAMBAGE
Traffic accident.

Brisbane Traffic Office 7 June 1969
Senior Constable Ronald P. MOORE
Drowned while on flood warning duty.

Rolleston 12 December 1970
Senior Constable John RYNNE
Traffic accident.

Cairns 6 January 1971
Senior Constable Graham BALL
Traffic accident.

Westwood 10 March 1972
Constable Nevin A. GREEN
Traffic accident.

Maryborough 16 November 1974
Sergeant Richard J. HARRIS
Traffic accident.

Thargomindah 26 March 1975
Inspector James M. WALSH
Heart attack brought on by a scuffle while on duty.

Moorooka 25 May 1977
Constable Robin E. SEEFELD
Traffic accident.

Bundaberg 22 July 1977
Technical Officer James P. BROWNING
Traffic accident.

Brisbane Radio Maintenance Division 20 November 1979
Constable Vincent J. HENNELLY
Traffic accident.

Brisbane Traffic Branch 22 August 1980
Constable Trevor R. THOMPSON
Traffic accident.

Cairns 5 March 1981
Constable Russell A. WILSON
Traffic accident.

Cairns 3 July 1981
Senior Constable Robert J. MOODY
Traffic accident.

Roma CIB 2 November 1982
Constable John M. STURROCK
Traffic accident.

Redcliffe 6 February 1984
Sergeant John D. NEIDECK
Traffic accident.

Brisbane BCI 11 December 1984
Senior Constable Ashley P. ANDERSON
Traffic accident.

Broadbeach 26 June 1987
Senior Constable Paul A. WEGNER
Traffic accident.

Brisbane Mobile Patrol 28 December 1987
Constable Anthony L. GREAVES
Traffic accident.

Brisbane Traffic Branch 9 February 1991
Constable Mark L. GOODWIN
Motor vehicle accident.

Brisbane Traffic Branch 9 July 1991
Constable Sondra N. LENA
Struck by a motor vehicle whilst on traffic duty.

Rockhampton 10 April 1992
Constable Shayne W.J. GILL
Struck by a motor vehicle whilst on radar duty.

Sunshine Coast District 21 May 1996
Sergeant Leonard J. HOOPER
Accidentally shot by the discharge of his own weapon.

Fortitude Valley CIB 3 August 1997
Senior Constable David A. SHEAN
Killed when his motorcycle collided with a truck at Eight Mile Plains in Brisbane.
South Brisbane Traffic Branch 5 April 2001
Constable Sally E. Urquhart
Killed in a plane crash at Lockhart River while on route to Townsville for policing commitments.
Bamaga Police Station 7 May 2005
Senior Constable Christopher I. Barwise
Killed as a result of a motorcycle accident south of Sarina.
Cairns Traffic Branch 19 July 2005