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Velvets Police Memorial Site

Thank Youse

Dylan ~R.I.P~
National Police Remembrance Day
Fallen Officers-SA
Fallen Officers- AFP
Fallen Officers-VIC
Fallen Officers-TAS
Fallen Officers-NSW
Favourite Links
What is a Hero
Thank Youse
Fallen Officers-QLD

This page is where I will say a really big THANK YOU to all the people who have been really helpful and boosted my confidence in making this site.
Ian Hunter: Thank you so much for the great site you have done and where I can go to visit everyday. Your site has made friends for life. Thank You.
Danny Webster: Thank You for such a great book you have written "Beyond Courage". That book inspired me to do this site and I Thank You for that. When I go down to Goulburn next I shall buy part 2.
The people who have done sites: Thank you to all the people who have done police sites as you have helped me with my reasearch.
New South Wales Police Service: Thank you to all Officers who go to work each day and risk their lives to keep our community safe. You are all hero's to me and I Thank You for that. Keep up the great work.
All other Emergency Services: I would also like to thank The NSW Fire Brigade, The NSW Ambulance Service, Nurses & Doctors, SES, Rural Fire Service and St Johns Ambulance for all the outstanding work they do.

Please feel free to email me.