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Velvets Police Memorial Site


Dylan ~R.I.P~
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Fallen Officers-QLD

This is the reason on why this website was puplished
About 4 years ago I had decided to do a webpage (a decent one at that). I had dabbled in a bit of web designing by self taught and wanted to make one that was worth while.
I thought for a while and realised that only a few websites were up and running with Police Memorials.
I started it off with just NSW as this state had the most so far and just worked on it for a while, as the site was evolving I became friends with Scott ~Woody~ from Victoria, currently serving as a Victoria Police Officer and decided to make one for the state of Victoria. I researched and could not find many names. I rang Victoria headquarters as well but with no luck. With what I have for Victoria was about 6 months of trying. Then after that I wanted more for it so I updated it with all other states.
I still have the NT to go but I have plenty of time for that.
I wasn't getting many hits on the site so I decided to make sure every one seen it.
 I sent the site details off to the Commisioner Of NSW Police, Mr Ken E Moroney which he replied with a letter of acceptance to use the "NSW Police Insignia" on condition I place a "Disclaimer" on the website. Which I have done rightly so.
I also sent the site off to Phil Kopenberg of the NSW Fire Brigade. I still haven't heard from him.
This site I have created has all been done in my own time and I have enjoyed every moment creating it. Given the chance I could sit here all night and day creating it but with 2 little kids it's a little hard.

It would be great if you could pass this site around to all your friends & family so they can see what dedicated officers we have serving our community.
If you would like to know more about me please visit: